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The Art of Taking Chances

Stories from the Heart

Katie W. Rabbit
15 June 1991
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Hey, I'm kattsue, welcome too my page
I pretty much use my LJ strictly for fiction writing, icon making, and fandom lurking. Funfunfun!
I'm a very out going person, and when I'm out with friends I'm very loud and obnoxious. I'm not afraid of talking about any subject.
I am a very big fan of yaoi/slash (or guy on guy action) and most of my stories are about that subject. I often find interest in one thing and than obsess over it for the next few days or even months.
I love animation and anime/manga as well. I also draw www.natsukodivided.deviantart.com <3. Someday, I hope to have a career in the movies as some tiny name in the credit's no one gives a damn about. Hooray for dreams!
Thanks for reading
rock on!