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More Jerome Morrow/Jude Law icons

some more icons I made in the passed four days
most are based on the movie Gattaca,
and some are based on fanfictions I've made or
am in the process of making
enjoy and feel free to take any of them

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Jude Law/Jerome Morrow icons

19 lovely Jude Law/Jerome Morrow icons I made today when I had nothing better to do
most of them are based on the movie Gattaca, so if you don't understand the words I wrote on them that's the reason.
enjoy and feel free to steal X3

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Gattaca slash fiction

Title: Smoke
Fandom: Gattaca
Rating: PG
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Jerome/Vincent
Summary: Vincent realizes that what he has found in Jerome is nearly greater than Titan.


Space had always been a mystery to Vincent Freeman. Looking up too the sky in the cold city he lived in he could never see stars, only blackness. It was an empty abyss that stretched on forever and ever. No matter how many books Vincent had read and memorized in his short life, he still felt completely foolish. There was nothing anyone could write or say to prepare him for such an adventure, such a challenge, and he had been trying so hard this entire time to comprehend what was out there. Vincent often remembered the stars, how he and his mother would stare up at them on cool nights, a thick wool blanket wrapped around them. She was his first astrological teacher. She would point out constellations and teach him their names and tell their stories, both good and evil.
Here though, out on the porch of Jerome Morrow's home, there were no tales to be told, no glimmering dots to connect. There was nothing but a black veil covering it all, hiding all that Vincent Freeman had ever dreampt of seeing with his own two eyes. All the things others could only be told or read in a thick text book.
"Jerome." A voice called from behind.
Vincent turned a bit too sharply, only to face his quick-witted roommate. The man rolled his wheels over the slight buldge on the screen track, and glided only inches out onto the porch. "You shouldn't be out here at such an hour, it's frightfully cold."
Vincent leaned his back against the metal railing of the condo, a soft grin resting on his face as he lossened his tie. "Right."
He laid his hands on the handles of Jerome's wheelchair, and helped him back inside as he closed the glass screen door and covered it in the large drapery. "I'm guessing you've finished?"
"Yes, yes, everything's prepared." The british swimmer bickered calmly as he wheeled into their genetic impersanation lab. "All of the blood and piss samples are in the fridge, and I have the cannesters of skin and hair in their vials here for you. We should be safe for the next few days. Thank god for that, it's hard to piss three good packages of urine a day when your on a diet of vodka and cigarettes."
Jerome's voice echoed off of the thick stone walls of his home as he chattered, and Vincent couldn't help but wonder how the hell Jerome had put up with a place like this all alone. The staircase didn't do much good either, such a terrible reminder of what Jerome's physical state was. He stared for awhile, watching his older friend chatter and wheel about in his british tongue, telling him of the awful things he had to deal with today. It almost made Vincent chuckle. He knew Jerome must have missed having someone to talk too other than himself. So he let the man be and allowed him talk up a storm as he himself hung up his black coat.
"Of all the things I hate it's to be talked down too, and to be treated that way by someone I am paying to do a service is just intolerable." Spat Jerome in a short fase of fury.
A small pfft released from the back of Vincent's throat at Jerome's words and, of course, Jerome knew what he was onto.
"That is not funny, Vincent." Now Vincent knew he was in for it, there were only two reasons why Jerome would use his real name; if he was upset, or if he was completely drunk.
"I know, I'm sorry. It's just, how can others not talk down too you." Vincent chuckled behind his rolled up fist that was trying to stop him from laughing.
"Ooh, Vincent, really." The man complained, swiftly turning his wheelchair around and returning too a table where he guzzled down the last of his iced scotch in a glass.
The last of Vincent's laughter dissapated, but the grin did not do so as well as he began to walk over too his friend. "Look, I'm sorry, alright."
"Just forget it." Scowled Jerome, glaring off too the side, letting his half extinguished cigarette press too his lips. "I don't know how I've put up with this abuse these past five months. After all I've done for an obnoxious in-valid like you."
Vincent released a sigh from his nose, and walked up behind Jerome, laying his firm hands on his shoulders and rubbing them softly with his thumbs. Immediatly, though he knew Jerome tried to resist his reaction, he relaxed beneath Vincent's finger tips The hand that held his finished cigarette rested on his right handle bar, while his glass lay on his thigh. As Vincent continued the soothing treatment, Jerome's neck grew more relaxed and his head lay against Vincent's left arm comfortably. The last bit of Vincent's grin faded, and there was nothing but silence for many moments.
Vincent could not help but stare at his partner, the man that was making all of his dreams come true, and with nearly nothing for him to gain in return. Through all they had done, all they had been through, Vincent could only remember the days when he realized that this step to reaching his main challenge, was all but a challenge in itself. He remember taking his first awkward steps into this empty condo, filled with nearly no furniture and only the materials Jerome Morrow needed to survive. He remembered when he finally saw him, the valid angel here to answer his prayer, shrouded in thick smoke. The smoke was like a mask until it drifted too the side and showed that perfect, alluring gaze of spite.
The entrancing green eyes, that were once ordered on a sheet of cheap paper by Jerome's parents, sent a thrilling chill down Vincent's spine. He had never seen some one stare directly at him with such intensity and beauty all at once. He didn't know wether to be enchanted or frightened. He was grateful to have German there with him, without a distraction or someone to bring him back to reality, Vincent would have been senslessly glued too the spot. Rays of sunlight from the near by window curved themselves perfectly around Jerome's face and than reflected off and into the smoke that gracefully traveled around him. It turned the once elusively gray smoke a bright shade of yellow and green. The colors reminded Vincent of the poisonous gas the planet Venus was shrouded by.
Again the business man, German, brought Vincent back into reality, and although Vincent's eyes wandered, Jerome's magnifescent green pair stayed put on his invited impersonator.

Like German had awoken Vincent into conciousness, so did Jerome's cold left hand that lay itself on Vincents. The younger man gazed down at the valid angel below him and felt as Jerome's thumb rubbed his wrist.
"Let's go too bed." Jerome whispered, as if waking from his own thoughts as well.
A nod came from Vincent after Jerome's hand left his and returned too the black wheels of his chair. Vincent followed Jerome too the room they had now grown accustomed to share, and he lifted his friend up from the cursed contraption and onto the soft bed. No words were spoken as Vincent began to untie Jerome's shoe laces and pull his shoes off. Jerome laid back comfortably, the back of his hand laid over his eyes, trying to hide his penitence.
Vincent threw Jerome's socks too the floor and began removing his slacks, lifting his body a bit, and than sliding them off his legs with adapted skill.
"Up you go." Vincent muttered as he lifted up Jerome's torso so he would sit up.
Jerome removed his green vest himself, as well as his darker green tie.
"You should wear green more often." Vincent muttered.
With a irritable sigh, Jerome said "Are you really going to attempt to have small talk while we do this again, Jerome?"
This made Vincent shrug. "I'm just saying. It really brings out your features."
With a roll of his beautiful eyes, Jerome unbuttoned and removed his crisp white shirt. Vincent looked over his friends body keenly, memorizing every arch, and every faint appearance of hair on his pelvis and chest. It was hard to stay fixated on his beauty when Jerome was obviously in a foul mood, but Vincent did his best to let the moment last.
"Go on and get dressed yourself... I can get these on just fine." Jerome grumbled as he grasped his flannel red and black pajama pants.
"Are you sure?" The younger man murmured with concern.
This only sent a rush of annoyance through Jerome and he stubbornly grabbed and forced over one of his idol legs to slip one leg of his pants over his foot and up his calf. "See? I'm perfectly capable." The older man huffed as he continued to get himself dressed. "I've done it for the past six years, I can do it fine without you."
Vincent shook his head, Jerome's words didn't hurt him, he knew it was just the pride talking. "Whatever you say, Eugene." He said as he stood and headed towards the bathroom to brush his teeth and get dressed.

When Vincent finally appeared from the bathroom, he saw Jerome curled up, his legs folded in an awkward position, and he seemed to be fast asleep. Vincent sat down and ran his hand through his once clean cut hair, leaving it in a mess he used to prefer before becoming Jerome Morrow. With a stretch and one last sigh, Vincent lay back on his side of the bed, feeling all of his muscles and tendons relaxe as the weight and stress melted away on the soft mattress. He stared at the ceiling, restless and filled with thought. There was so much that needed to be done, so much to prepare for. He was nearly halfway there, and yet, from looking back on all the time spent and gone the finish line seemed so damn far away.
He tried to be optimistic, but it seemed that he and Jerome were truly switching sides. He really did feel like Jerome sometimes. Smart, cunning, beautiful... perfect, and as more and more people began to be fooled by this charade, the more and more Vincent was telling himself "why not?". It was a dangerous card to play, and as much as he needed Jerome Morrow's body to be his own, he did not ever want Jerome Morrow's personality to become his own.
Aa cold hand suddenly touched Vincent's chest and slipped around, hugging too his torso. Jerome came near, and laid his head on Vincent's chest.
"Still not asleep?" He murmured, his voice drowzy.
"No... too much on my mind. Sorry if I woke you."
Jerome's head shook and he made himself shift closer, his legs protesting to help. "You didn't."
A frown appeared on Vincent's lips and he sat up and positioned Jerome's body correctly and comfortably against his own. He laid back down, wrapped an arm around his friends shoulders, and smiled softly as he saw Jerome become much more relaxed beside him.
"No problem."
Jerome's eyes stared at Vincent vividly, even in the dark they still effected Vincent in ways no one else's eyes could. "Listen... I'm sorry about what I said, earlier."
The younger man shifted and shook his head. "No need to apologize, I know."
"... It still doesn't make me feel to good to not apologize for it though."
"Eugene, I know you better than anyone, maybe even better than you do." He said, running his hand through Jerome's hair. "Nothing you could ever say could hurt me."
The valid man looked at his lover for a long moment until he frowned. "Damn... and all those times I wanted to make you cry."
A chuckle released from Vincent's throat. "You really didn't like me back than, did you?"
"No. I really didn't."
"Why was that?"
Jerome huffed slightly, before laying his head back again. "Because, I didn't know what kind of obsessive psycho I was going to have to live with for a year."
"Hm, and look at where we are now."
There was a short pause as Jerome analyzed what he meant, and where they were right now. Two men, complete opposites, sharing a name, curled up in each others arms for warmth. It was hard for Jerome's pride to take it. "Oh, god!" He squirmed away half hazardly, curling into a stubborn ball.
"Awww come back, Eugene." Vincent begged.
"It's Jerome, and no, I'm not coming back." He growled.
"Hm." Vincent grunted, shifting over too his friends side and wrapping his arm around him.
For the next few minutes there was debate and shoving, but once Jerome finally was too tired to continue, he gave in and fell asleep in Vincents arms. The perfect man, with the perfect mind. The imperfect soul and the imperfect fate. It all didn't matter as Jerome dozed into a deep sleep. He was like any other person, always, no matter what, lost in dreams. Than Vincent began to realize how much the black sky above them, and the smoke of Jerome's cigarette shared in common. They both hid something, and Vincent had finally found what that veil of smoke had hidden. As he smiled, and lay his head beside Jerome's, he shut his eyes and thought of the treasure he had found in being with Jerome. He had been the first, in many years, to see the man smile, to see the real Jerome he always kept strictly locked up emerge freely.
Jerome hid a treasure as great as the cities sky hid the stars, something you cannot ever read in a book, something no one could ever possibly describe. As Vincent pressed his soft lips against Jerome's temple, he found himself grasp him tighter. He never wanted to let him go. This treasure that was his alone to be given, to be shown. Jerome Morrow, the most imperfect perfection. The smoke had been blown away, and there the angel sat, patiently waiting.

First fiction!! XD

Forgetting You

They stood at the Central train station, Edward, Alphonse, Winry, and Aunt Pinako. Edward gazed down the railroad tracks hoping to catch a glimpse of the train which had decided to arrive off schedule. He read their itinerary and held his suitcase handle impatiently. Alphonse and the others sat next too the stations main building, waiting with much more patience for the train to arrive.
Winry was brushing and tying back Alphonse’s hair for the third time in a row, while Pinako smoked her long wooden pipe contently. Edward seemed to be the only one annoyed and frustrated with the inconvenience bestowed on them this day of all days. It was Patriarch day for crying out loud, an international holiday much similar to Thanks Giving in the parallel universe Edward formally lived.
Now he tapped the toe of his right shoe and a desire to pace grew as he fidgeted. How much longer? Why was it taking so long?
“Ed?” Winry called.
He looked too his childhood friend. “Yeah?
“Sit down and relax. The train will be here in no time.”
“In that case I’d rather stand.” Edward said.
Winry shrugged and went back too her handy work, commenting on how soft Alphonse’s hair was. Alphonse giggled shyly, his blush grew, and he thanked her for the compliment. He liked her, he hadn’t stopped blushing and his hands hadn’t stopped trembling since she started styling and restyling his long mahogany hair.
Edward’s brother also held a thoughtful look on his face and he looked up. “Brother? What’s Xenotime like?”
“It’s a nice place, the land is pretty dry, but if you travel up it’s covered in fresh green grass and a blue sky hovers over head. Our friend Belsio has a lemon grove, the lemons are in season so we’ll be able to go and help pick them.”
Alphonse grew a warm smile. “You seem to like it brother.”
Ed shrugged. “Yeah, it almost reminds me of Risembool. If it weren’t so occupied it’d be just like it.”
“What about Russell and Fletcher? Are they nice?”
Edward frowned a bit at this, “Well, Russ can be a smart ass at times but we are good friends, and Fletcher‘s very kind, he was your best friend before you lost your memory.”
“Really? I didn’t know I had a best friend.”
Ed grinned. “Yep, wrote each other letters and everything.”
“Hah, I can’t wait to see them again. I’m so excited.”
“So am I Al.” Edward said, and he heard the noise of gears, and spotted the puff of smoke that wasn’t coming from Aunt Pinako’s pipe. The rail road tracks squeaked as the breaks stopped the wheels from turning. And a loud obnoxious voice called out too all of the customers yearning to board the cooling locomotive.
“All aboard!!!”

Edward and the others tucked their luggage away and became comfortable in the cushioned seats as a male employee walked down the isles and gathered up tickets punching holes into them as well as gathering money. After Edward had finished the ticket and money task with the gentleman, he rummaged through his dark leather suitcase.
Winry had fallen to sleep in the seat across from Edward and Al, Aunt Pinako had joined her in the nice nap. Edward sat back down, unfolding the last letter Russell had sent too him.
Dear Edward,
Me and Fletcher are filled with joy to know that you have returned. After two years we had grown weary to even imagine that you would ever come back. If it’s possible we would like to celebrate and reunite. Patriarch day is a week away, would you and Alphonse spend it with us? You can invite whoever you wish.
We’re glad to have you back Edward.
Russell and Fletcher Tringham
It was one of the shortest letters Russell and his brother had sent. Of course, it was more of an invitation then a letter. Still, Edward had to wonder what kind of attitude would surround him and his family when they reached Xenotime. He almost became worried.
“What are you reading brother?” Alphonse asked, noticing the letter when he looked up from his book.
“It’s just the letter I got from Russ, asking if we could come over for Patriarch day.”
“Oh, I see.”

A few months after Edward had returned he had gotten curious about how much mail he had received while he was away. Obviously, his mailbox was overflowing with letters filled with words of worry, sorrow, and confusion. Most of his friends hadn’t even heard about what had happened too him, they had been lost for years.
Most of the letters were indeed from Xenotime, the bulk, however, were from Russell personally. One note had caught Edwards attention, the letters smeared as if they were hit with water. Rain? Edward doubted it, he had stayed with the Tringham’s for a weekend once, and Russell had always stayed indoors while writing letters. He had come to believe that stray tears had fallen onto the ink.
Russ… Why would you-- Edward stopped, it was a silly thought.
“What’s wrong Brother?” Alphonse asked, growing a worried expression on his face.
“Nothing Al, I’m fine.” Edward said, as he forced a weak smile onto his lips..

The train rocked back and forth, Edward stumbled but successfully placed the letter back in his suitcase. He sat back down and saw Alphonse meet his gaze once more.
“Having fun?” Edward asked, a bit sheepishly as he sat back down comfortably.
“Very much so. I don’t remember what it feels like to ride on a train.” Alphonse looked out the window. “But… the best part is spending time with you, Brother.”
Edward was surprised, but deeply touched. He smiled one of his most angelic smiles. “Yeah… that is the best part.” He reached forward grasping his brothers tide hair and kissed it. Alphonse blinked. “I’ve missed you, Alphonse. So much.”


Al had dashed into a run once the train doors had opened. Edward tripped, his suitcase weighing him down. He eventually had himself balanced and ran after his younger sibling. He watched the back of Alphonse, the boy had finally changed out of Edward’s old clothing, and the brown trench coat he wore hovered violently as it caught air, his ponytail did as well.
Edward could hear Winry yell back from the station and felt guilty for just leaving her and Pinako, but it didn’t appear that Alphonse was going to let any force hold him back from reaching the Tringham estate, even though he had no idea where he was going. The effort of stopping and waiting for Winry and Aunt Pinako didn’t even seem worth it when they reached the towns public fountain, they were already half way there.
Still, it was only common courtesy. “Alphonse, let’s wait for Aunt Pinako and Winry here, okay?”
His brother finally stopped running. “Okay, Brother.”
They sat at the fountain and Edward felt a few splashed water drops hit his gloved hand. He sighed, breathing in the air he was happy to admit was clean once more. He smiled fondly, staring up at the sky. It felt good to be back.
“Before I left… my friend said, don’t forget me.” Edward muttered. After he had said it, he was surprised. It was a random thought that had slipped out.
“That’s the other Alphonse, right?”
“Yeah…” Edward grimaced.
“… Do you ever regret coming back, Brother?”
“Well… sometimes. But seeing Russ-- I mean you and Winry, it just overcomes that feeling.” Why had he spoken about Russell? Well it was true, he had missed him deeply. “I had friends over there, but… it wasn’t the same.”
“You don’t have to feel sorry about telling me about this, because if you had gone back, I would have found a way to come with you.”
Edward smiled. “I know it.”
“Edward, Alphonse!” Winry waved from a distance. She and Pinako had just entered the city.
“Heh, let’s go.” Edward said as he stood.


The Tringham house was styled as a cottage, a few spider webs clung too the roof and tan brick walls. Along the walls vines clung and slithered upward, reaching for sunlight that they only received during mid-day once the sun began to set in the east. Ed had noticed the fence guarding their backyard, a greenhouse had been built, and two gardens (A flower patch and a vegetable patch) sat beside it.
Wow, all of Russell’s dreams have come true. Edward thought too himself.
Alphonse knocked on the wooden door, he had a smile on his lips stretching from ear to ear. Two pairs of feet were heard rushing too the door and the door was swung open. There the two brothers stood, eyes filled with excitement and jaws dropping at the sight.
“Alphonse!!” Fletcher squealed tackling him.
Alphonse cried out in shock, but laughed after collecting himself. Edward joined his sibling in laughter but then felt a pair of arms hold him close. Warmly.
“Ed… I’m so glad to see you again.” Russell whispered in his ear. He held Edward close, but not forcefully. He smelled lemon on Russell‘s shirt, it was strong and made his mouth water when the thought of the sour taste. Russell’s hair shared the scent of lavender and soap, it was familiar, he remembered that scent. It felt so good to be embraced like this. Edward’s thoughts reminisced about his mother, but only for a moment.
Russell had pulled away, and what do you know? The younger blonde just had to say something smart. “… You haven’t grown at all.”
Edward growled. “Who are you calling a shorty who makes a miniature horse look like an elephant?!!”
Russell caught a fist, he grinned. “Easy Edo. Still, I’m happy you haven’t lost your swing.” He lowered his hand his fingers laying on it. Edward watched and saw both their hands land on Russell’s free one, they were held there for a moment and Ed couldn’t suppress a dusty blush.
Russell smiled fondly then let go and turned to greet Winry and Pinako. “Welcome to Xenotime, I’m Russell Tringham, and this is my brother, Fletcher.”
Fletcher waved at them, standing up and helping Alphonse to his feet.
“I’m Winry, and this is my Aunt Pinako.”
“It’s nice to meet you both.” Fletcher chirped, hand held tightly too Al’s.
“Come on in.” Russell offered and they did enter the house.

It was built out of mahogany, forming the warm feeling you get when you know you’re home. It was also bright, the sunlight shown through the kitchen and living room windows. At the end of the hall, just ahead, there was a wooden and glass door handcrafted in the most lovely design of vines and flowers that trailed the corners of the bottom and top windows. That must lead too the backyard. Ed could see a dim green beyond the bottom window, waving in the soft breeze.
Russell and Fletcher led the group too the living room. It had a round coffee table in the center of the room, six chairs circling it. There were four large book shelves in the living room and Edward had to fight off the temptation of exploring the titles.
They all sat and noticed the freshly squeezed lemonade on the coffee table. Winry was the first to reach for one and sipped. Her eyes grew wide. “Wow, this is delicious!”
“Thanks, there from Belsio’s.”
“We’ll have to visit him later.” Edward said.
“Definitely, he’s coming over for dinner actually.” Russell replied.
Edward smiled. “Can’t wait. It’s been so long.”

Russell hadn’t changed much, he had grown a few inches taller (this made Ed growl in jealousy) and his hair had as well. His skin was darker now from working in the garden and he still wore his trademark jet black suspenders. Fletcher had grown a lot more, he was the spinning image of Al (the same size) his eyes were still glorious blue and his hair golden blonde. The boy had discarded his overalls for a buttoned long sleeve shirt (that he hadn’t tucked in) and slacks. His voice had deepened also, he looked very much like his older brother now.
It was quite the sight, seeing both boys smiling with their white teeth and matching dimples. Edward smiled, they were attractive boys, both of them, it was hard to believe that Fletcher was 15, he still possessed the innocent charm in his features.
“You both look so different.” Russell said. “I’m sure you have the most amazing stories to tell.”
“We do.” Alphonse said with a nod.
“Let’s hold the tales till dinner time.” Edward proposed.
Russell nodded in agreement. They all sat and talked about what had been happening in there lives. Winry and Aunt Pinako came in with their own stories about different clients they had had to deal with. Russell and Fletcher seemed very interested in the subject of automail, they didn’t have that type of mechanic in Xenotime yet.

“I saw you built a greenhouse and garden. You have everything you‘ve ever wanted now.” Edward said, not sure if that was a question or what he considered to be true.
“No, not everything.” Russell said simply, sipping his lemonade.
This made Edward blink.
“It’s amazing, seeing you in the flesh Al.” Fletcher chimed after Edward and Russell had finished their small conversation.
Alphonse blushed embarrassed and a tad confused. He didn’t really know what to say, “Um… thanks, Fletcher.”
“It’s good to know that at least one of your goals was reached through all of this.” Fletcher said.
“Yes, what are you going to do about your arm and leg, Ed?” Russell asked kindly.
Ed raised his gloved right hand and flexed his fingers. “It’ll be alright. I’ve gotten used to them, they’re more apart of my body now instead of a nuisance. All that mattered was getting Al back, at least for me anyway.” He messed Al’s bangs a bit with the hand he was examining and watched his brother giggle in response.

“I thought my job was done.” Edward said while stroking a narcissus petal.
“Hm?” Russell muttered turning too his friend. He stared at the man, knelt down on his toes, petting the golden flower with such a beautiful serene gaze. He was still so beautiful.
“I have so many more debts to pay now.”
“What are you talking about?” The younger man asked, watering his iris’.
“Heh… nothing, it’s stupid.”
Russell raised a brow. “Come on, shorty.”
“Damn it Russ! That isn’t helping!!” Edward growled shooting back on his feet. He stopped abruptly as a watering pot was shoved into his chest.
Russell grinned. “Help me out while you bitch about your problems alright? Equivalent exchange.”
“That’s right, hop to it, dinner will be ready any minute.” He had already started watering one side of the patch.
Edward grumbled but obeyed, tipping the pot over the flowers. “Well, I have been gone for years and missed so much life in this world. So many memories that I could have made with you and others.”
Ed looked up when he noticed Russell had stopped watering. The man just gazed down. “You cherish memories like no other Ed. So many people just want to throw their’s away, but you--” He looked up and met Ed’s eyes. He had paused for a quick moment. He smiled. “Edward, all that matters is now. People will have stories to tell, memories that you had missed to talk about, but you also have your own. That time you spent in that other world, wasn’t time not worth spending. All those memories that you made… with those other people, they were just as special as memories you would have made with us. You just need time. I promise, no one will bother asking for time already spent repaid by your hands. All they’ll want are new memories… with you.”
Edward stared in utter surprise. Russell noticed and blushed. “Um, sorry.”
“No, it’s fine… I guess you’ve had more then enough time to think something like that up.”
“Heh, yeah, I guess. In a nutshell, all that matters is that your back Edward.”
Ed grinned. “It’s good to be back.”

Turkey, ham, potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, stew… Edward was in Heaven. He wasn’t entirely sure if he would be able to tell stories during this meal, but he shrugged it off, he had five days to spare anyway. Alphonse and Winry had finished setting the table as the first knock of the evening echoed through the house.
“I’ll get it.” Russell said, after laying down Fletcher’s batch of cookies. He walked back too the hall and too the front door.
Edward could hear happy voices, greeting with excitement. There was a pretty large crowd walking down the hall and they soon all reached the dining room. Belsio, Elisa, Elisa’s father and three other miners stood at the doorway gapping at Edward.
“Edward!” Elisa cheered running up and hugging too him. This was the green light for the rest of the group and they crowded around Edward greeting and hugging him happily. Edward laughed as some messed his hair with strong calloused hands and was astonished at how much people had truly missed him.
Once everyone had calmed down, they sat and began their meal. Fifteen minutes passed until Belsio had brought up the question everyone was dying to have answered.
“Where did you go, Edward?”
Ed swallowed down his mouthful of mashed potatoes before answering. “It was a different world, a parallel universe.”
“What’s that?” A miner asked.
“It’s an alternate world that’s diverged from our own.” Russell explained.
“What was it like?”
Ed pondered on the question a bit, he had answered this question dozens of times but still couldn’t quite describe it in a way that others would understand. “Well, it’s not much different from this world. Some names of things are different… and alchemy didn’t exist.”
People gasped. “How is that possible?”
“It just wasn’t a science in that world. I lived with a man named Alfonse Heiderich… we studied rocketry together.” He stopped talking after this and continued eating. He looked up and saw Russell staring at him. When the younger boy was caught he forced a smile, looked back at his plate and continued eating.
“What were the people like there?”
“Um… just like you and me, but there was plenty of hatred for others, and not just because of the war. Just the color of your skin made people angry. Alfonse said it was a normal thing, like us hating the military. It just seemed much more depressing to look at someone and wonder if they hated you with out even bothering to know you.”
People stayed quiet for awhile, eating, then Russell asked, “What was… Alfonse like?”
Ed lifted his cup of lemonade. “He was… a good man.” He drank the juice.

Once everyone began eating desert they began to talk on a much more higher note, telling jokes and stories. It was all well and fine, until they started talking about the alternate world.
“What a bunch of kooks, not believing in alchemy, no wonder they’re being killed off by war.”
“You said it, they’re a bunch of dumb racist gits, they deserve anything that comes at them.”
The miners laughed obnoxiously, and Edward’s teeth gritted behind his lips. He was about to speak but then an unexpected voice beat him too it. “That’s enough!” Russell shouted strictly. “The way you all are talking, you’re no better then they are. Yes, their standards of life are different then ours, but their still human.”
The miners had stopped talking and everyone stared at Russell, including Ed. After the quiet moment Edward sighed and stood, politely saying, “Excuse me” then walking out of the dining room.

The living room was dark except for the fire burning in the hearth. Ed walked over too it and stared. His thoughts wandered too Alfonse. He wondered if he was well, he wondered if he and Noa escaped safely. There were many things he wish he knew. He wished Alfonse could have come with him. Seen the world that Edward had spoken of, the world Alfonse thought was pure fantasy.
Ed listened too the sound of metal hitting glass as they continued eating in the dining room, they even began to talk again. He shut his eyes, he had changed. He wasn’t an immature punk anymore… well… he was, but, he now understood other things. He hadn’t been much of a child since his mother died, Alphonse still was young and vivacious. Ed sometimes wished he would be more like him. Kind, light hearted, and carefree.
Edward wished he could be carefree, but, he still felt an emptiness. Had he made a mistake returning too his home? What was it?

“Ed.” A voice spoke behind him. It was Russell.
Edward looked too his friend and like the many times that day, forced a strange smile. “Hey. What’s up?”
Russell raised an eyebrow. “Don’t go and act like you’re all fine and dandy, it doesn’t work.”
Ed’s smile disappeared and he frowned stubbornly. “What the hell are you doing here? You should be entertaining your guests.”
“They’re not here to see me.”
“So? Now that you left they’re going to get suspicious and try and find us.” Edward turned back too the fire.
Russell grinned slyly and walked a bit closer too Ed. “Now why would they be suspicious?”
“You know what I mean. They’re going to come looking for me and apologize for being such assholes, and I don’t want that.”
“Why not?”
“’Cause I just want to be alone.” Ed growled under his breath.
Russell stayed where he was, his eyes narrowing softly. “If they don’t come, can I stay and talk with you?”
They were quiet, then Russell sat on the couch near the fire.
Ed watched. “Thanks… for sticking up for the world back there.”
He smiled. “No problem Ed.”
“… I miss him.”
“… Alfonse. He was my best friend these past two years.”
Russell stared off.
“Bastard… he just strapped me down in that rocket and I was gone… back in this world.” He chuckled. “I don’t know what I have to do… to be truly happy again. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, it’s been locked away in my thoughts since I returned.”
“You can talk too me Ed.”
“I know… it’s just odd.”
“Why? Weren’t we best friends?”
Ed looked at him. Those eyes, they were always so kind, so comforting. “Aren’t we?”
Russell shrugged. “I hope so.”
“I broke you… didn’t I?”
“ You didn’t do anything wrong Ed.”
“Mustang should have done something, he should have sent letters to tell everyone what had happened.”
“He probably didn’t even know Ed. What happened too you was bizarre, nobody can believe it.”
Ed looked down, Russell was right. “Still… he could have tried to send letters out to say I wasn’t here.”
Russell stood and embraced his friend close. He was pleased to feel Edward return the intimate hold. “There were a lot of things that could have been done but weren’t.”
The fire flickered violently and Edward soon backed away from the embrace and went back too watching the fire. Russell watched patiently, he too had many things to say, but they were not for Edwards ears. Not yet.